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Poker Glossary - O

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Odds The probability of making a hand versus the probability of not making the hand.
Offsuit Two different suits, used to describe the first two cards.
Omaha A flop game similar to Hold 'Em, but each player is dealt four cards instead of two, and a hand must be made using exactly two pocket cards, plus three from the table.
On Board On the table; in the game.
On The Come A hand that is drawing to a straight or flush.
On Tilt Playing poorly, usually because of becoming emotionally upset.
One-Gap An inside straight.
Open To make the first bet.
Open-Ended Straight Four consecutive cards requiring one at either end to make a straight.
Open Card Exposed card; a card dealt face-up.
Open Pair An exposed pair; a pair of face-up cards.
Open Poker Games where some of the cards are dealt face up.
Option When a player posts a live blind, that player is given the option to raise when their turn comes around, even if no one else has raised; straddle.
Out A card remaining in the deck that could hopefully improve your hand.
Outdraw To beat an opponent by drawing to a better hand.
Outrun Outdraw.
Overcall To call a bet after another player has already called.
Overcard In stud games, a card higher than your opponent's probable pair; in flop games, a card higher than any card on the board.
Overpair In flop games, a wired pair higher than any card on the board.

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