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Poker Glossary - M

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Main Pot When a player goes all-in, that player is only eligible to win the main pot - the pot consisting of the bets they were able to match. Additional bets are placed in a side pot and are contested among the remaining players.
Make To make the deck is to shuffle.
Make A Move To try a bluff.
Maniac A very aggressive player who plays hands that more conservative players would probably not consider.
Mark A sucker.
Marker An IOU.
Mechanic A cheat who manipulates the deck.
Meet To call.
Middle Pair In flop games, a middle pair is made by pairing with the middle card on the flop.
Middle Position A position on a round of betting somewhere in the middle.
Miss To be unable to make your drawing hand when the final cards are dealt.
Monster A hand that is almost certain to win.
Move In To go all-in.
Muck To discard a hand; also the discard pile in which all cards are dead.

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