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Poker Glossary - H

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Hand A player's best five cards.
Heads-Up A game between just two players, often the climax of a tournament.
High-Low A poker game in which the highest and lowest hands share the pot. Also called High-Low Split.
Hit To pull the card one is seeking; to fill.
Hit And Run A player who has only been at the table a short amount of time and leaves after winning a big pot.
Hold 'Em A form of poker in which players use five community cards in combination with their two hole cards to form the best five-card hand. Also called Texas hold 'em.
Hole The concealed card or cards.
Hole Card A card concealed in a player's hand.
Home Run Hitter A player who makes big plays that require maximum risk.
Horsing Passing a small amount of money to another player after winning a pot; scooting.
House The establishment; the casino or cardroom.
Hot Said of a player on a winning streak.

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