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Take the pot using your opponents errors

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Take the pot using your opponents errors

By A. Aguilar

In any variation of poker including Texas Hold'em, we must adapt our game to the game of the rivals we are facing. If they never throw a bluff, never re-raise a bet when not having the best hand or never check-raise are examples of mistakes performed often by poker players. How to take advantage of each of these errors? This article will discuss some examples of typical errors and the possible ways to get the most out of them.

Players who never bluff

Against these players, the money you earn will be equivalent to the money you'll save not seeing their bets. After the fifth card (river) if a player only bets with big hands, he will be making things very easy for you.

Players who do not check-raise

You can put a lot of money against these players if you bet more times after they pass (check) than against other players. As these players never go out with good hands, you can be confident that if they don't check it’s because they don’t have a good hand.

Players who abuse the bluff

These are the players that if we check they bet almost automatically. This type of player must counteract, causing bluffs and watching or re-raise their bluff bets as appropriate. These types of players are less profitable than those who never bluff because both kinds of players have the same probability to link good cards.

Players who call even with mediocre hands

These players have activated the call mode (see), so it isn't worth to bet lightly to apparent weakness. You should make strong bets when you have a good hand, and shouldn't bluff after the river, because as they have called every hand so far there is no reason they wouldn't do so after the river.

Players who never rise from a bluff

If you find that a player never bets up your bluff, the actions to take are very simple. You should bet more often with weak hands to get information, and whether they raise your bet or not, you should never match the bet with mediocre hands.

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