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Strip Poker Guide

A poker game used to play in the gambling world form many years. Poker gambling is a renowned gambling game, used by the players who play the game for earning. Poker game generally played in USA and Europe. There are many types of poker game. Strip poker is one game out of the different poker. Strip poker comes into vision from long years ago. There are many theories and concept regarding the strip poker. According to one theory, strip poker come in to the existence, when the girls who was playing strip poker game in the casino, when they were lost the game and have not money to bet or to continue the game. Then they use to put off their wearing in place of their money bets. All the players, played in casino like this game very much, and this way strip poker become very popular. Strip poker game usually played to put off the clothes of the opponent.

The other theory of strip poker tells us, that strip game comes out before the poker because of the involvement of the money. Many people think that, this poker was the first poker in the poker world and after some years, people start to play game for money. Strip poker use to play for fun only and played without money. In the game only 4 or 9 players are use to play for first time. Texas Hold'em and Carribean Stud are the two chief varieties of this type of poker. The strip poker rules are renowned and it is very easy to play the game. Mexican Stud Poke is another name of strip poker. Strip poker is just like a video game, so it called as video strip poker. People are able to play the game in casinos or they may buy strip poker from the game console. One way of playing the game is to first download strip poker from the internet and enjoy online strip poker or a free strip poker game. If one wants to play the game through video strip poker, then they have to pay at a casino for seen per view.

The age group of people uses to play strip poker at casino or through online are mostly from 18 to 30. This recognized that, the students normally play strip poker. Many swingers parties are organized, in which people are use to drink a lot and are playing the strip poker for fun. There are variations of strip poker, like one winner in the game (man or woman), two winners in the game (men, women or man and woman). The main aim in playing the strip poker is fun, entertainment, and not the money earning. There are many rules, which govern the strip pokers at casino or at the net, the game of strip poker starts from the initial point. Strip poker considered as a legal action mostly in every country except the lesbian strip poker and gay strip poker. Now a days, this strip poker is widen in many countries involving liberal laws. Thus, it is very important to go through the rules of the land, if you wants to play the strip poker or wants to organize a party to play strip poker or strip poker party.

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