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Take the pot using your opponents errors

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Poker Tells to Play Online

By Shweta Dubey

To become best poker player it is very important to understand each poker tells of the opponent player. If you are, having the full knowledge about the poker tells then you will be able to go good ahead in both offline poker and online poker. There are many tells in poker game.

At first, explaining the meaning of the “tell”. It is a sign, which a poker player used in their playing they make the player to know about the cards, which hold opponent player. “Tell” is a usual action of the player that provides you a hint about the holding of the players. During the game of offline poker, the movement of the eyes considered as a best “tell”. This is the reason, why most of the poker players are wearing sunglasses around the table, not due to the bright lights.

However, in online poker playing tells are little bit different form that of the offline poker tells. Here are some online tells are given.

Speed of Play

In online poker playing, rooms have their own time limit or in which every players have to respond as soon as possible. Time taken in giving response is the good online pokers tell, before declared folded or all-in. Time taken by player to make his next move is a good sign. Such as if, the player take much time then it means who player is at good hands, and if player answered with in a short period then it means, the player is moving with weak hands. However, sometimes, this delay often caused by the slow internet connection or due to laziness of the players. That is why time or speed of playing is a good tell. Delay action observed as an intimation of strength, as the poker player takes time to calculate or presume their bets. If you are able to look the cards of the player at showdown observed with what they made “fast bet” and with what “slow bet”. Along with this, it is also important to put significant observation on your speed of betting or time taken in giving your answer. Therefore, it is vital to make your bet in a reasonable time so that opponent player cannot draw any conclusion based on your speed of betting.

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