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Poker Bluffing Tips


Bluffing in poker is not an option, it’s a must if you want to be a good player; the problem is that bluffing is not an exact science, it is more like an art. You have to master this skill to increase your profits, make the other players believe that your hand is better than theirs so that they will fold in the end.

But what is bluffing exactly? It’s when you bet or raise while not having the best hand or the best odds to win the pot if someone calls. Sometimes you can look at the pot’s odds instead of looking at your hand’s odds and, if you are facing a low number of players while being in a good seat position (a late position), make a good bluff. For example, if the pot is 10$ you could afford to bet 3$ when facing 2 players that have already checked; in this kind of bluff, the more important factor is to know the chances of your opponents folding. Keep in mind that the greater the number of players you are facing in a bluff play the more reduced the chances of success. Try to bluff only when 3 or less players are left in the game. The larger the pot, the harder it gets to bluff.

Is “easier” to bluff before a solid and experienced player than bluffing at the weaker or the “crazy Ones”; it is more likely that the weaker players will call even when they have poor hands, and it is harder to get them fold their hands. Experienced players, on the other hand, are more used to folding hands with medium values.

Try to avoid bluffing to much in a row; if a player sees through your bluff it is likely that the next time he is going to call. You can use this to your advantage, though. If after bluffing some hands or getting caught, you get a good hand, use this as a decoy to make the others think you are bluffing again. As a general advice in poker and in bluffing, do not bet in any kind of pattern, because some player will eventually detect it and use your pattern against you. High limit games and no limit game are the ideal games to bluff, since it is more probable in low limit games that someone will call you bluff for whatever reason, knowing you are bluffing or even through nonsense thinking. It’s better to bluff when you are facing “tight players” than when facing “loose players”

As a rule of thumb use only the late position to bluff; form this position you already have read all your opponents’ games and you have figured the number of opponents playing and the strength of their hands. Do this only if the previous players are checking, folding or calling the big blind. Avoid plays when one opponent has raised the bet. Bluffing on the river is more difficult than in previous rounds of the game so try to knock out you opponents before this stage. Also, bluffing before the flop gives you the advantage of not letting the players get any kind of game that could interfere; the flop gives the possibility for even the weaker hands to get at least some pair; try to avoid this.

Finnlly, don't forget that you may not be the only one bluffing at the table.

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