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Basic Online Poker Strategy

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Basic Online Poker Strategy


There are some basic rules in Online Poker that would not only let the quality of your game grow, increasing your bankroll, but also makes the experience of playing online poker very fun. The truth about online Poker is that the number of amateur players is relative high, so if you follow some simple advice you could turn your average skills in better ones, start making money and improving your game.

Knowing what to play is a critical decision at the poker table. Poor choices with the cards when you decide to get involved in a pot could end with you losing a lot of chips, or even worse, forcing you to leave the table early in a tournament. Try to play only good hands against tight players; against aggressive players or players that call on everything; if you have a good hand at the flop stick to it.

As in real poker tables you have to spend time observing at your opponents, the grade of aggression and style of playing of everyone at the game. If an opponent is very aggressive or plays very loosely there are more probabilities that he is paying poor hands and making wrong decisions in the flop. Furthermore, in the turn and river, despite not having hit anything before, tight players think their hands better as they move at the table. These players play very few hands and almost always strong cards, so keep an eye at the Poker Table and avoid those players if you can.

The timing on a poker table is fundamental; this aspect is one of the most complex parts of online poker and you have to master this skill fast. If you can't develop a good timing you could face the end of your bankroll or early disqualification on a Poker Tournament. Be wise and wait for your cards, play the position, and don't hurry just because you haven't played for a long period of time or because you don't have been dealt good cards. Avoid playing marginal hands or making loose calls without taking into account the position of other players (especially tight players).

If you can determine when to play, against whom and which cards could grant you a win, you are sharpening your strategy and style. These factors give you the edge against average players.

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